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Learning How to Ride a Bike with The Wallaby Trainer

Learning how to ride a bike can be one scary proposition, especially for small children. Devices like The Wallaby Trainer go a long way toward making kids feel safe while learning to ride, however trying to teach them to ride can be nearly as stressful for parents as it is for their children. Naturally, as parents we want to shield our children from all things scary — real or imagined. Again, The Wallaby Trainer really helps but, unless you are mentally prepared — a lack of confidence on your part may be readily perceived by your child, serving only to renew and even reinforce their fear. Review the following instructions — several times – and you’ll be prepared to face the challenge with calm, reassuring confidence, guiding your child — step by step — through this childhood rite of passage. Read More

Teaching Kids to Ride (by Sheldon “Two Wheeler” Brown)

One of the many tasks parents must undertake is teaching their children how to ride a bicycle.
At every stage of the learning process, there are several possible approaches, and most parents will be unsure how to proceed.  This article will try to cover the options and explain when to choose which.
This article focuses on only the most basic skills: pedaling, steering and balancing, that make it possible for a child to operate a bicycle (read the full article)