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Monthly Archives: November 2003

In the beginning

In the context of telling our story,  our family’s struggle for a share in the American Dream — the story of our own success — this  About Us post (written in 2003 ) is preserved here purely for historical perspective.

About Wallaby Kids (version 1.0)

Wallaby Kids Inc. is owned and operated by husband and wife team Peggy and T.J. McDonald. We conceived the business with the earnest desire of facilitating more quality time with our two daughters (now 6 and 8 years of age) during their formative years (that is, before they become teenagers and want nothing more to do with mom and dad). We began the business working out of our garage,  delight in the fact that we have time for breakfast with our girls every morning before school, and make a point of being there every afternoon when they return home. It is our hope that through this enterprise we may share with other families from all walks of life whatever good fortune we can make for our own, contributing in some small part to curbing the rise of child obesity rates, with a firm commitment to the promotion of quality family time through parental participation in physical education and bicycle safety at an early age. We strongly believe that a family which plays together — stays together.

Thank you for your interest in Wallaby Kids and the Wallaby Bicycle Trainer.  May yours serve you well!

Peggy & T.J. McDonald
President/Vice President
Wallaby Kids Inc.