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Lessons In The Value of Community


Community, society, these are essential requirements of the human condition, but civil society is something possible only insofar as its population is vested with equal fellowship in it.  In this regard, either we have allowed those files critical to the functioning of our social operating system to become corrupted, or there appears a flaw — either in its design, or our understanding and implementation of it. Increasingly, the system is failing to serve our mutual need.  Whatever the cause, be it operator error, design flaw, or outright sabotage,  tyranny is the unfortunate result.    Restoring ourselves to a state of sustainable civil intercourse, we must foster a dramatic paradigm shift away from the now dominant inward fixation on individuation and narrow self-interest — the mores and values of the “Me Generation” with which we have imbued the mass of our society’s children now for three decades plus — turning outward to an emphasis on the greater good, and a new enlightened self-interest; for what manner of attainment is left to a man whose best hope is that his son might one day become a prince among the beggars, in a land ruled by thieves? Continue reading