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Fighting corporate greed one purchase at a time, AtlernaMart is a member owned e-commerce business community committed to helping micro-business owners navigate niche opportunities emerging at the fringes of our fragile and sometimes volatile economy by way of ShopAlternaMart — a FREE e-Commerce plug-in for WordPress.

The Simple Premise: I’ll sell yours, if you’ll sell mine.

While the ShopAlternaMart plugin is free for all to use, those users who also choose to become AlternaMart Co-Op members receive the added benefit of a growing and flexible catalog of products to offer for sale on their virtual storefronts, increasing revenues without the added hassle and expense of maintaining additional inventory.  

By way of the shared ShopAlternaMart Members’ Catalog, member vendors are simultaneously provided the wherewithal to syndicate their own (typically limited) catalog of products for sale through fellow member sites for a standard minimal commission.  The Co-Op receives a small percentage of the commission for overhead remitting the balance of the commission to the member vendor whose site originated the sale.  The balance of the sale proceeds are then proportionally remitted to the member vendors whose proprietary products were sold in the transaction.

Wallaby Kids is generated using the ShopAlternaMart Plugin for WordPress.
Wallaby Kids is currently not a member of the AlternaMart Cooperative community.

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